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Assisted Living Insurance CA

It would be a terrible shame to believe your assisting living facility had insurance, only to find out that you were left exposed after something awful happens. You should never be left saying, “I thought I had insurance!” That is why InsuremyRCFE has created CA assisted living insurance to protect RCFE facilities throughout our state.

We know that you care deeply for your residents, and that is why we care deeply about protecting you. With CA assisted living insurance, our expert team can ensure that you, your liability, and your property are covered. What, exactly, will this insurance cover?

First, you will have the state-mandated liability insurance coverage. That is right, as of July 1st, 2015, all RCFE facilities are required by AB 1523 to carry liability coverage for their facilities. Fortunately, your CA assisted living insurance will ensure you stay up-to-date will all of California’s laws, helping you avoid pricey penalty fees and possible legal fees, settlements, and other expenses associated with any unfortunate incidents that occur at your facility.

In addition to your liability coverage, CA assisted living insurance will protect your property. Do not assume homeowners insurance will be sufficient to cover you; nearly every home insurance policy excludes business protection. Consequently, you need commercial property coverage to protect your facilities. Your CA assisted living insurance can also protect any vehicles your RCFE facility uses for business and workers’ compensation to safeguard your team against injuries on the job.

When you choose CA assisted living insurance through InsuremyRCFE, you choose to get convenient coverage, premier customer service, and the resource of having one agent dedicated to protecting your RCFE facility. Since InsuremyRCFE is run by past RCFE owners and administrators, we deeply empathize with all the challenges you face and will craft the right CA assisted living insurance policies to help you overcome them so you can get back to what you do best— offering great care to your residence.

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