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California RCFE Laws 2016 – A Bill for Oversight Reform of Elderly Care Facilities

Happy New Years from InsuremyRCFE.com! We’re at that point again where we start looking ahead on the reforms we should take for enhancing the quality of our residential care facilities for the elderly. A vital new bill as a major aspect of new RCFE laws in 2016 was implemented on January 1, subsequent to being signed as a law a year ago, that affects all California RCFEs or residential care facilities for the elderly. SB 911 essentially increases the training of the administrator and staff and supports a revision of the level of difficulty director exams. This enhanced process will be more far-reaching than previous bills, in hopes that it will bring about overall improved care for senior citizens residing in residential care facilities.


SB 911 has already revised Section 1569.23 as well as 1569.625 of the Health and Safety Code regulation. The new law requires an enhanced accreditation program for an imminent Administrator, comprised of at least 100 hours and a State-regulated exam. Last year, the law called for directors of RCFE to effectively finish a division-endorsed accreditation program before employment, a requirement of at least 40 hours of training courses. Now, the hours needed for the instruction have increased to at least 80 hours, which must include 60-hours of personal instruction. The provision would also add extra points to the uniform center of information, including antagonistic impacts of psychotropic medications for controlling the onset effects of an elderly person suffering from dementia.


Furthermore, with this new law provision, California RCFE staff must also receive 40 hours of training before autonomously working with multiple senior citizens, and an extra 12 hours are required annually if in-servicing. The preparation must incorporate points identified with the requirements of the elderly, including strategies for individual care, rights of the residents, methods and policies with respect to pharmaceuticals, mental necessities, general well-being, the utilization of antipsychotics and potential abuse, special requirements for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and social competency and affectability. This is a tremendous increment in preparing prerequisites, in which staff members are required to receive 10 hours of training within the first week of working for a California RCFE.


The new law also states that guardians must get the proper training in dementia care. In any case, if the RCFE promotes a care program identified with senior citizens with dementia, training is required. This method of preparation is notwithstanding the expanded necessities specified in 1569.625. 12 hours of training are required concerning the proper care of patients with dementia; six hours prior to working freely with assisted living facilities, and the other six are completed while employed and operating.  These progressions are a result of the expanding scrutiny by the Licensing Division, who work to effectively improve the quality of RCFEs every year. The 2014-2015 spending plan included subsidizing for more than 70 positions and an extraordinary $7.5 million to finance grounded oversight such as training for managers and inspectors. Similarly, these progressions for 2016 come particularly in the form of training.


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