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Is AB 1523 Too Costly?

Understanding How This Law Affects RCFEs

As you likely know at this point, Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 1523, which mandates that all Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs) in California must carry liability insurance. There has been some concern, particularly among smaller RCFEs, that the cost of carrying this type of coverage will be prohibitive, forcing small facilities to close their doors.

In order to investigate whether or not these concerns are founded, research has been conducted on the cost of this mandatory liability insurance. The California Assisted Living Association found that the average cost for an annual premium for a 6-bed facility would be nearly $5,600.

However, InsureMyRCFE offers an even lower cost option for RCFE Facilities in California.  RCFE owners can purchase RCFE liability insurance online with a premium starting at $2,848.  All you need is your Facility Number and 5 minutes of your time, click here to get started!

It is important to also remember that this law was not passed purely to protect residents. It also protects the RCFEs. If you find yourself needing to defend your facility against abuse claims in court it will quickly get expensive. Fortunately, if you are carrying liability insurance your insurer, not your facility, will assume the majority of the cost.

It is crucial for small business RCFE facilities to purchase liability insurance or they will be left facing legal ramifications. Fortunately, our expert team can help. Compare prices among other liability insurance providers for RCFEs, and you will find that we offer the best coverage at the lowest rates. We are experts at helping RCFE facilities get the right policies to protect themselves, their residents, and their bottom line.

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